Intégration de logiciel

Move on to Integration!

Are you looking for an installation, integration, or even software training? No problem! Whether transferring your data or implementing new systems and processes, Jarca takes care of their full integration!

While the customer may be able to integrate software programs, it is a job that requires certain skills, expertise, and time. Jarca has the expertise to be your most reliable partner in accomplishing the task! Our goal is to serve the interests of your company and to ensure the security of all information. Our experts guarantee you structured progress in the shortest time frame, in which you can have full confidence!


Installing existing software requires integrating it into your server or a host server. Whether your software solution is hosted internally or already online (SaaS), our experts supervise your requests and help you with all your needs.


Depending on your needs, your processes, and your company environment, our analysts determine the possibilities and limitations of a software solution for integrating your existing systems. This personalized service includes the complete integration of this software with your existing logistics.

Data Transfer

When a company changes its management platform, it is imperative that it transfer all existing data to remain functional. In order to effect any task and process with the data from your previous systems, Jarca has the expertise to assist you with the transfer of record sets and static databases such as addresses, customers, locations, contact information, etc.

Training and Support

Team Jarca takes responsibility for training and technical support. Providing support for the use of any software and making sure that it complies with the company’s previous processes is a service that you will undoubtedly need.

The Jarca Method

Jarca helps you implement the best solution for your business today and tomorrow.