Improved Procedures for Wholesale and Retail Businesses

Under-utilization of computer technology is a noticeable trend among many businesses.

However, many industries are becoming aware of this oversight, since they are losing competitive ground to small and medium-sized businesses in the same market.

Remove Barriers to Your Growth: Solutions to Propel Your Business Forward

To increase the value of your business, the Jarca experts recommend efficient software, customized to best assure your company’s prosperity: immediate benefits through increased competitiveness, productivity growth, etc.

The Jarca Method

Jarca helps you implement the best solution for your business today and tomorrow.


  • E-commerce
  • Connecting different software programs
  • Inventory management
  • Distribution and Transportation
  • Warehouse management
  • Hardware management


  • Optimize warehouse logistics
  • Limit inventory loss
  • Understanding resource efficiency
  • Monitoring, in real time, the status of inventory and warehouses


With its extensive knowledge of transport logistics and warehousing, Jarca can offer you:

  • Real-time storage software
  • An integrated transportation software
  • Pooling of inventory management, suppliers, billing, and distribution

Wholesale and retail business

Jarca software programs for wholesale and retail businesses are designed to be compatible with your specific procedures and adapt to the full spectrum of your operations. This guarantees that your daily tasks will be greatly simplified, resulting in significant time savings. Our operations management and distribution software applications cover basic activities: sales management, order processing, purchasing management, warehouse management, inventory management, logistics management, personnel management, e-commerce management … In short, whatever your business and management team needs. Everything is possible with Jarca!

Unlike ERP and other existing solutions, Jarca offers software and services with features specific to the needs of distribution companies as well as being more personalized. Our experts are able to advise you of the right technology for your everyday reality. The operational requirements of distribution companies are so specialized that Jarca has evolved over time to meet the current challenges faced by industry players. Jarca can offer your business software service through which the distributor will be able to follow, maintain, and replenish stocks of a client – all in an automated way.

Jarca works with various vertical markets and many companies in every industrial sector to streamline management and centralize diverse operations. Jarca has developed a deep understanding of the software market to ensure that its customers are provided with solutions that are tailored to the needs of their small or medium-sized business, their industry, and their market. Our team of experts dedicate their experience to businesses and provide precise answers to your questions!