logiciel de transport

A Simple and Practical Road Transportation Software Program

In the transportation industry, viewing real-time data allows for more rapid and efficient management. Save costs on operation management with a solution that optimizes your operations from ordering, to dispatching, to invoicing.


  • TL and LTL Transportation, Intermodal, etc.
  • Integration with existing systems (accounting, GPS, etc.)
  • Visual and simplified dispatch
  • Tracking drivers in real time
  • Monitoring equipment maintenance
  • Detailed Billing
  • Managing mobile apps for drivers
  • Customized dashboards and reports
  • Routing
  • Delivery manifest
  • Forms
  • Messaging with dispatchers


  • Giving the right orders to the right driver
  • Avoiding late or missed appointments
  • Optimize trailer loading
  • Optimize routing
  • Reminder of equipment maintenance deadlines
  • Know when a trailer or truck needs to be replaced


  • Reduce errors
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved follow-ups
  • Tailored customer service
  • No message goes unanswered
  • No late delivery

A quick look at our Transport software solutions …

In recent years, companies in the transport industry have had to make many changes and adapt to many market fluctuations to remain at the top. Rising oil prices, as well as new motor vehicle regulations and rates are factors that have had a significant impact on the industry.

On top of these recent economic pressures, customers have become more demanding and harder to please with regard to the handling and delivery of their goods. They require that shorter deadlines be respected, without any mistakes, and without damage. In such a context, the way that TL, LTL, and intermodal shipments are managed has a significant influence on the profitability of operations. Distribution has become, among other things, a pivotal stage in which dispatchers need to plan “profitable” delivery routes while attempting to minimize the total distance travelled.

The choice of the order of deliveries can often be a complex decision. Dispatchers have to assign the right cargo to the right trucks, while minimizing the loss of time, space, and fuel. Jarca’s transportation software expertise provides tools to guide the dispatchers in their decision-making process, supporting them in their task of assigning the merchandise.

For an LTL carrier, delivering shipments means that the personnel in charge of operations needs to adapt constantly. It is essential to provide dispatchers with effective and efficient tools that allow them to better anticipate and plan their delivery routes logically. Jarca’s software expertise in distribution allows you to achieve just that result.

Our features allow for the creation of the distribution route for TL and LTL transportation given the location of the warehouse and the pick-ups to be carried out along the way to create the most efficient trip. Our applications allow for the possibility of distributing shipments by the fleet of trucks while minimizing their use and assuring the merchandise is delivered in the least amount of time. Jarca’s expertise in TL, LTL, and intermodal transportation enables transport companies to automate and simplify most of their operations.