The optimal use of storage software

JFleet Ware – WMS allows you to track inventory in real time and through the transaction history. So you can keep track of all goods going through your warehouse.

Optimized Inventory Management

A warehouse managed by Jarca Storage software allows both your employees and your customers to be certain of the inventory at all times.

In addition, you will have an efficient and accurate overview of upcoming inventory changes or those that have already taken place.

Regardless of the output mode you prefer, your customers won’t have to call you about the status of their orders or their inventory. Everything will be within their reach. Your customers will be amazed!

The Jarca Method

Jarca helps you implement the best solution for your business today and tomorrow.


  • Accurate inventory management
  • Input and output management
  • Space management
  • Removal history
  • Automatic billing
  • Monitoring of defective goods
  • Barcode management
  • Web and EDI connectivity
  • Customized dashboards and reports


  • Following inventory inputs and outputs
  • Charging automatically and accurately
  • Validating received or delivered goods
  • Reconciling inventory losses
  • Providing monitoring tools and transparency for customers


  • Real-time access
  • Output optimization
  • Space optimization
  • Reduced customer service traffic
  • Traffic forecast

Storage software

Distribution centres and warehouses are an important step in the internal logistics chain before that of the customers. Managers and employees in the field of storage face many challenges. Among them, there are cost reductions,  increasingly shorter and less flexible deadlines, the volume of new products, services that continue to grow, increasingly acute and selective clientele criteria and requirements, etc. The new main difficulty for a warehouse manager is to achieve maximum production in a minimum time.

Discover the best practices in the field of warehousing and distribution with Jarca software solutions. Jarca storage management software offers a better organization of your storage and distribution activities to significantly increase productivity, reduce costs, and optimize space available for use. Our team of experts provides you with a structured method of analysis to define your needs, challenges, contexts, and aims to optimize the efficiency of your warehousing and distribution operations. Take advantage of the support that Jarca can bring you and watch your profits increase rapidly! Software that allows you to increase your credibility in logistics chain management and practical advice in an innovative and changing environment is what Jarca expertise has to offer!