File Management Simplified

Like the majority of legal professionals, you would like to increase the number of contracts that you accept and to improve your billing procedures, knowing that you have been as productive as possible during your working hours. However, you are constantly haunted by time constraints. You waste much time searching for documents and visualizing your day. You prioritize your work only to find that many tasks are entirely put off for another time.

Maximize Your Service Efficiency

Would you like to reduce duplicating information entry that monopolizes too many working hours?

With software formulated to organize your information and to manage your services, you will have more time for other tasks, including customer service.

The Jarca Method

Jarca helps you implement the best solution for your business today and tomorrow.


  • Records management
  • Follow-ups
  • Schedule management
  • Administration management
  • Management of documents, grievances, disputes, contracts,  etc.
  • Creation of dashboards and customized reports


  • Keep the priority of different files up-to-date
  • Manage approvals of contract changes
  • Draft recurring similar documents
  • Bill customers


  • Information centralization
  • Automated callbacks
  • Process of management approval of modifications
  • Remote access

Our customers

By improving the tools through which you manage your time and your tasks, you will increase production and profitability. A concrete example: just thirty minutes of extra billing a day would be enough to dramatically increase your annual income without increasing the time you spend in the office.

In order to more efficiently manage your time, you must first assess your current situation. Which of your daily tasks are repetitive? How many hours are spent on billable work? How much time do you spend managing your documents, your papers, and your various files? You will uncover the problems with the way you manage your time in a typical day or week. Inefficiencies in time management and tasks that you can reduce come to light through such an assessment; you will find that much of your time is spent in organization, rather than in tasks that add value.

Among other things, good time management is what the software expertise of Jarca offers. Indeed, by using software to automate your daily administrative tasks, you can spend practically your entire day at the office practising law.

To better organize yourself, make a list of your recurring tasks, such as reviewing document, following up on transactions and obtaining signatures, writing legal procedures, continuing legal training, signatures for correspondence, jurisprudence and doctrinal searches, drafting legal opinions, witness preparation, due diligence, etc. This list will certainly help you to realize that the right software tool could lighten your workload and ease your daily agenda. Let Jarca help you to manage your time and your legal practice will be more productive and effective!