IT Companies Also Need Software Experts

The information and communications technology sector is aware of market updates and must keep its products and services current.

Why not use these latest updates and principles in your internal systems to manage all data, all tasks, and all members?

Accept Guidance in Your Internal Technology Choices

For the customized software best tailored to your business needs, Jarca will offer expert advice and cutting-edge technology to ensure maximum productivity in your project management.

The Jarca Method

Jarca helps you implement the best solution for your business today and tomorrow.


  • Managing schedules, calendars, agendas
  • Managing calls, emails and their background
  • Customer management
  • Billing, payroll, and accounting
  • Human resource management
  • Administration management
  • Planning management
  • Project and document management


  • Closely monitor employee timesheets
  • Provide employees with an intuitive and accessible tool
  • Bill employee hours automatically
  • Draft SR & ED reports
  • Determine realistic deadlines for ongoing projects
  • Effectively assign tasks to different employees


  • Data integration of timesheets, projects, tasks
  • Ergonomic, optimized interfaces to encourage use of the system
  • Simplified and easy employee tool
  • Synchronizing data with accounting systems

Software made for the tech-savvy

Did you know that small and medium-sized IT businesses are increasingly numerous in Quebec? The competition is increasingly fierce and the growing clientele faces vast market of accessible services.

To best serve your clientele, it is wise to equip your small or medium-sized business with customized software solutions. Whether managing teams, resources, projects or other needs, Jarca can equip your small or medium-sized business and make your management more efficient and productive. In this way, you will save the time that you now spend on recurring tasks. Your customers will be pleased with your services and you will benefit from having the best reputation among your competition!

During the various stages of the Jarca method, software experts will share their vision of digital technology as a motor of your company’s growth and offer advice through concrete cases of IT companies that have succeeded as a result of customized and optimized software management. This is also the chance to learn about the tools that allow small and medium-sized IT businesses to become vanguard organizations with cutting-edge technological capabilities.