Optimized Systems for the Health Sector

In the health field, there is a wide range of processes and procedures. While checks and managers are necessary to follow up on a file, nothing beats the framework of medical management software.

 Simple and Effective Records Management

Jarca software solutions are designed to help your employees follow up their operations on your present logistics.

A practice management software allows you to carefully monitor knowing who does what, why, when, and how. This information helps services to continuously improve their procedures.

The Jarca Method

Jarca helps you implement the best solution for your business today and tomorrow.


  • Patient management
  • Call management
  • Intervention management
  • Prescription management
  • Process optimization
  • Implementation of performance-monitoring systems
  • Real-time statistics
  • Modification history
  • Access rights management


  • Quickly access a patient’s information
  • Update records in real time
  • Share files or documents with other institutions
  • Collaborate with various stakeholders


  • Centralize data and medical history
  • Have certified and reliable materials
  • Benefit from online forms
  • Work with secure data

Our customers

In order to offer quality services in the health field, it is necessary to reliably manage and organize information within a progressive treatment cycle that can be constantly updated. The transfer of paper to computerized records is an ideal opportunity to make software choices to better monitor patient health and enhance the quality of services.

The healthcare system is able to provide viable, effective, and better care only if it disposes of high-quality information that is also safe and able to meet the needs of multiple patients. Jarca builds upon its versatile experience and trusted expertise. Software services on the cutting edge of technology directly support the delivery and coordination of care offered to patients, in addition to helping the organization to manage an imposing caseload volume.
Furthermore, Jarca is aware of the sensitivity of patients’ private medical information. This information is of course confidential and must be made accessible only to healthcare professionals. To protect such information, apart from its collection and use, disclosure and management need to be the responsibility of the appropriate users. Thus, the privacy settings of Jarca software are fully configurable to allow access to each user and administrator. Jarca’s innovative technological solutions can help manage patient health data and simplify the use and availability of information thereby increasing the efficiency, speed, and performance of integrated processes.

When analyzing your current processes, our team of software experts provides answers to some questions, such as: where are the slowdowns and/or gaps in the current processes? What risks are connected with errors and duplication of tasks? Are time and money wasted as a result of these gaps?