Provide Support to Your Foundation

Your foundation or non-profit organization, like all businesses, relies on processes and systems that ensure both its good functioning and the quality of your offerings and services.

Tracking and managing members are the functions key to overseeing the organization’s global visualization and having the means to evaluate its effectiveness.

For a Strengthened Organization

The Jarca Method

Jarca helps you implement the best solution for your business today and tomorrow.


  • Manage members or candidates
  • Post forms online
  • Manage donations
  • Manage activities and events
  • Manage schedules and calendars
  • Administration management
  • Manage staff and volunteers
  • Manage administrative votes


  • Monitor donations closely
  • Facilitate budget management
  • Bring together the people concerned for decision-making votes
  • Update calendars, schedules, availability, and deadlines


  • Eliminate wasted time
  • Simplify and automate recurring tasks
  • Offer online tools to reduce delays
  • Precisely manage members and their level of involvement
  • Contribute more through better productivity

Our Customers

Jarca software solutions are designed to support the work of foundations and NPOs by offering them the management processes designed entirely for the successful advancement and progress of charities.

Our management software packages contain resources on the roles, responsibilities, risks, activities, processes, events, calendars and schedules, project management, membership, staff, and board management, and more.

A good automated software solution automates all connections among your various databases and documentations. In an administrative context, the software provides information on budgeting, accounting, accountability, tables, reports, etc. Personnel and member management is another activity that consumes a lot of time, especially where managing volunteers is concerned. It is just as important to have the right software for managing volunteers.

Jarca’s powerful software possibilities provide countless opportunities while being easy to use. Jarca is proud to be able serve the interests of their NPO clients and ensure their optimum performance!