Your professional services under professional care

The professional services sector includes many areas that draw on different management models, such as relational, operational, and organizational.

Maximize the Efficiency of your Services

Want to reduce the duplication of data entries and their over-accumulation that usurp too many hours each day?

With software conceived to organize your information and manage your services, you will have more time for other tasks, such as customer service.

The Jarca Method

Jarca helps you implement the best solution for your business today and tomorrow.

Software customized to meet your expertise

  • Managing schedules and timetables
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Customer management
  • Billing
  • Task and procedure management
  • Planning management
  • Integration with Google Calendar or Outlook


Your professional challenges

  • Track employee time
  • Take into account the availability and vacations of customers and employees
  • Stay on top of changing customer records
  • Reduce the time spent invoicing
  • Assign the most appropriate professional to each customer


Advantages of a Jarca solution

  • Eliminate wasted time
  • Centralize information
  • Simplify and/or automate recurring tasks
  • Implement a more accurate system of customer follow-up
  • Provide better service with more productive management

Improve your communication skills with your clientele

To ensure an improved turnover and full control over the customer experience, the consumer service industry must confront many new challenges.

Jarca offers SMEs the possibility of increased added value for the tasks and operations of each department while centralizing them in a single software solution. Jarca applications allow enterprises to maximize the quality and efficiency of the services they offer by optimizing their management and operations. As a result, the customer experience is greatly improved. In addition to simplifying the daily routines of the employees and departments of an organization, the savings in time and effort translate quickly into an attractive return on the investment!

By means of powerful new software capable of delivering all the improvements you have in mind, the team of experts at Jarca can help your business to acquire new customers and then develop, maintain, and strengthen those relationships. SMEs increase their value and optimize their business strategies, project management, document management, customer management, productivity, operations, sales … In short, all of their business processes.

In the present environment of ever-changing consumer habits, the majority of SMEs worry more about losing ground than investing to assure  greater gains. The proven method of Jarca’s strategy consists of evaluating the dynamics of change by locating the hot spots and faultlines throughout the business process in order to create an innovative framework. By identifying and studying the current processes in relation to the company’s context, needs, challenges, goals, and budget, the Jarca team develops and proposes the most effective, customized solutions. Whether by using existing or customized software, the proposals will be designed to improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

It is time for companies to seize the opportunity to invest in their business processes in order to increase their market share!