Increase the Quality of Your Services by Optimizing Your Internal Management

The accommodation and restaurant industry gives customer satisfaction its highest priority, since it greatly influences its sales revenue.

The key to maximizing positive external feedback about your services is the quality of your internal management processes.

Measurable Benefits

An operations management software is the best way to ensure a good performance.

In the accommodation and catering sectors, your competitive advantage will be directly improved by first optimizing your business processes and operations.

The Jarca Method

Jarca helps you implement the best solution for your business today and tomorrow.


  • Reservation management
  • Management of calls and emails
  • Customer service follow-ups
  • Personnel and scheduling management
  • Billing, payroll, and accounting
  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Inventory turnover management
  • Management of menus and services offered


  • Reconcile the various staff schedules of staff
  • Manage inventory and anticipate future orders
  • Follow the evolution of production, equipment, products, and sales
  • Monitor reservations


  • Integrated systems
  • Ergonomic and efficient user interfaces
  • Centralized management
  • Customized Systems

Think of the future of your processes

With accelerating technological needs, hoteliers and restaurateurs are facing new challenges to which they respond with the help of effective and appropriate management systems. Concerned with their competitiveness, they place increasing importance on the connectivity and centralization of different software platforms. Integrating a single turnkey system by making all types of features interact is a basic Jarca service. For example, you can synchronize your workforce management software, revenue, receptions and events, reservations, customer databases, and much more.

Although most institutions in the hotel and restaurant sectors are now using computerized management systems, they have rather limited and basic functionality compared to that which currently exists in other areas and industries. There are now new and innovative tools that will spark real competition between institutions in these sectors. Jarca can assure you that the tools it implements are most advantageous and offer the fastest return on investment!

In hotel-operations management and catering-services management, each department works with a different system. Generally, these systems manage daily activities, whether arrivals and departures of customers, billing, or management and rotation of the rooms, etc. Jarca can create solutions that collect, harmonize, automate, and house all this information and more: invoices, room service, reservations, staff, telephone calls, etc. This produces a single all-in-one system that connects each operation and tracks all activity in real time and facilitates process management. An interesting fact is that Jarca software solutions can even fulfill a marketing role in managing the customer database!