Team Up with a Task Manager

Any business that wants to succeed must be in control of internal tasks and processes. When managed optimally, operations flow seamlessly and one has full control over the quality of the results. If tasks and processes are the pillars of good profitability, what is the best way to manage them?

For Effective and Profitable Processes

To ensure effective and timely task management, customized software allows you to visualize your current processes and act on them directly.

The right software will not only graphically display notifications and reminders, but also give you access to the list of processes you are currently running and information about their progress.

The Jarca Method

Jarca helps you implement the best solution for your business today and tomorrow.

Features and/or Industries

  • Track the progress of a task
  • View the process corresponding to the task
  • Activate a task
  • End a task
  • Change the period, size, and nature of a task


  • Have an effective structure that ensures productivity
  • Track the steps of operations or projects
  • Visualize the evolution of the processes
  • Oversee deadlines and updates
  • Distribute and distribute tasks in an established schedule


  • Enjoy a better organization
  • Worry no more about the many reminders or notifications
  • Automate information transfer and transformations
  • Stop depending on assigned employees (software as a conductor)

Make sure to be up to date and/or alerted every step of the way

Many entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses face a shift towards growth in the life cycle of their organization. Often unpredictable, growing a business comes with many challenges. How should entrepreneurs face them in order to put their business on the road to success?

As the manager of a small or medium-sized business, you want to devote less time to administrative tasks and, instead, focus on strengthening your competitive advantages and focusing on your priorities?

One way to effectively reach your goals is to entrust the management of your tasks and processes to a software solution. Software that optimizes tasks and processes is becoming more popular among small and medium-sized businesses, since they profit by discovering in them a clear competitive advantage.

In the search for growth, strategies to overcome the challenges they face are often found at the very heart of small and medium-sized businesses: internal processes and task management. A software solution to meet the needs, challenges, contexts and objectives will bring many advantages in process efficiency and productivity tasks. Your business may immediately increase its value and revenues! Jarca accompanies you with the tools key to managing all of your operations, tasks, and processes in a unitary, centralized, and personalized solution.

Furthermore, when hiring new staff, you will be able to visualize precisely which tasks – and competencies – will add the most value for your business. It is interesting to note that your task and processes system will undoubtedly be your primary resource in helping you elaborate your potential needs.

The concrete benefits of a Jarca solution are instantly apparent. Managers of small and medium-sized businesses find themselves freed from administrative tasks and those that are not within their expertise. Employees then no longer need to be qualified in the details, since they have better tools to simplify and accomplish their daily tasks. The leader now has versatile tools to help him in his decision making while minimizing the risks. A Jarca solution will become your best ally and co-pilot to ensure the good performance of your business!