Complete and Accurate Figures with Inventory Software

Are your inventory management methods long and painful?

Inventory management is crucial in many industries to ensure the accuracy of merchandise inputs and outputs. Inventory management needs to be accurate and reliable. Manual or semi-automatic inventory management can be time consuming. In that case, inventory counts must be frequent, which greatly increases the cost of operations.

Real-Time, Accurate Inventory Management

Free yourself from work overload with technology that will be most profitable! For reliable, accurate, and fast inventory management, software that fits your budget and your processes will help you manage your inventory accurately in real time. Always be alert to ongoing or future transactions. Keep one step ahead of your competitors and get an instant return on investment!

The Jarca Method

Jarca helps you implement the best solution for your business today and tomorrow.

Features and/or Industries

  • View equipment inputs and outputs
  • Manage space optimally
  • Access the movement history
  • Perform automatic billing
  • Track defective goods
  • Manage barcodes
  • Be connected through Web services and EDI
  • Create dashboards and customized reports


  • Accurately track inventory inputs and outputs
  • Assure constant updates
  • Be sure that the inventory count is correct
  • Avoid time lost due to recounts


  • Track goods by an advanced system of barcodes
  • Keep a transaction history in perpetuity
  • Validate the inventory at a precise moment in the past
  • Use modern barcode readers

Software reliability and sustainability

Ensuring the validity of an inventory is often a challenge for small and medium-sized businesses. The tools to ensure consistency are sometimes obsolete, such as Excel, which becomes too difficult to manage as a result of the number of potential risks of errors associated with it. Jarca therefore proposes ergonomic software solutions that will let you forget all your worries related to data inputs. Here are the benefits that that you get with a Jarca inventory software solution:

  • Keep track of your inventory of your assets in real-time
  • Trace all transactions accurately, whether inputs, outputs, or adjustments
  • Keep a history of changes based on user
  • Know, to the minute, the real state of your inventory at any time in the present or the past
  • Identify products or items by barcodes or RFID codes
  • Optimize operations with bar code or RFID readers