Managing Your Documents Quickly Yet Simply

Your documents are piling up or getting out of control? You have many versions of paper documents to organize and digitize? The same information is contained in various systems?

Secure and Optimal Document Management Thanks to Software

Perhaps without having noticed it, your time is devoted to several outdated and redundant tasks.

Surplus resources are dedicated to certain documentary tasks, which could easily be automated within a single, interactive, and centralized system. Software technology is the best medicine in this case!

The Jarca Method

Jarca helps you implement the best solution for your business today and tomorrow.

Features and/or Industries

  • Managing document revisions
  • Management of workflows related to documents (approvals, signatures, etc.)
  • Access to documents from an online network system (Web)
  • Document search by title and content
  • Managing user access


  • Keep a history of the various revisions of a document
  • Find the latest people to have changed a document
  • Allow certain users  access to particular files from one directory
  • Access documents outside the network
  • Find documents


  • Integration of third-party software: Alfresco, Sharepoint, etc.
  • Accessibility of documents within customized software
  • Advanced management of user access
  • Advanced text search (same style as Google)

Software benefits

A document and document-related management software can change your schedule in a revolutionary way. Jarca offers systems that allow you full control over the range of versions of your documents as well as real-time, automated tracking of their evolution through different processes and follow-ups.

Crucially, document management software allows you to view logs and follow-ups of the multiple versions of any type of physical or computerized documentation. It facilitates classification and simplifies information searches. That’s not all! Jarca solutions automate the processes of modification, different versions, audits, approvals, sending, sharing, and confirmations of receipt acknowledgements.

While allowing complete control over different levels of user access to documents, Jarca software also automates maintenance updates and ensures a history is maintained of all transactions and sharing. Jarca software solutions are the best tools to make information easily accessible and notify members of any changes. Keeping track of changes to your documents has never been so smart!