The Dashboard Reporting, Essential for Your Follow-Ups

Having access to the overall performance goals and the results of a business helps members to contribute to its development and to its opportunities. A visual representation of your processes allowing you to track information is a great benefit.

All Bosses Follow Their Dashboard

Software that creates helpful reports and a personalized dashboard is an essential tool towards viral productivity.

These features make your business practices clear while allowing them to be improved, reviewing your operational history, understanding your current environment, and facilitating the actions taken on your projects and future business opportunities.

The Jarca Method

Jarca helps you implement the best solution for your business today and tomorrow.

Features and/or Industries

  • Customized dashboards according to type of user
  • Configurable special reports
  • Hands on your precious KPIs
  • Exportable to Excel, CSV, PDF, Word, or other formats
  • Generates reports to maintain full control over your information


  • Visualize daily the important metrics of your business
  • Avoid being limited in the variety of reports you can generate
  • Avoid continually repeating the same steps to generate the same reports several times at different time intervals


  • Flexibility in the reports generated
  • Customized dashboards
  • Data availability for connecting to external reporting systems (eg, Crystal Reports)
  • Templates to generate reports or plan mass emails

A live view on your operations, processes and management

To implement the right tracking processes for your projects, we must first determine the data to collect, the ways and means to proceed, the key moments, and finally choose the person who will oversee all of this. We must also analyze the data collected and produce analytic reports on the progress of every step of the process.
Dashboards and reports will help managers make the right decisions at the right times, anticipating future results and performing appropriate actions to achieve new goals, responding to them the challenges they pose.

The Jarca experts determine the what and the how depending on your context, various projects, challenges, as well as the goals and budget of your company. The dashboard’s software features help you avoid delays, stay ahead of deadlines, reduce costs, and optimize the efficiency of your business processes. Dashboards are used to monitor performance in a global and revealing manner.

As for reports, they are certainly not to be overlooked! Although they are not constantly generated and visible (unless one so desires), they are necessary and essential for identifying or analyzing with precision an occasional set of circumstances that a company faces. They can be used to validate results on particular dates or to study in depth a specific situation. The reports are not stagnant, as they offer the potential to produce real-time results.

Reports can be displayed on the screen or exported using various formats such as Excel, PDF, etc.