Customer Management Software

Customer service is an activity that every company must prioritize, because prosperity is largely a reflection of the quality of its services.

For More Attentive Customer Service

To accurately track your current customers, new markets, and their feedback, make your customers a main factor in your processes and operations with client management software.

The Jarca Method

Jarca helps you implement the best solution for your business today and tomorrow.

Features and/or Industries

  • Management of leads
  • Management of opportunities
  • Sales workflow management
  • Appointments calendar
  • Management of follow-ups


  • Keeping a complete history of customers
  • Keeping track of leads, opportunities, contacts, etc.
  • Centralize invoicing data to customer accounts
  • Manage the tracking of sales workflow or operations related to a customer


  • Ergonomic and user-friendly interface
  • Synchronized with Google Calendar
  • Synchronized with the accounting system
  • Synchronized with an existing CRM
  • Direct link between operations and customer management

Don’t neglect the importance of your follow-up processes

Today, a large part of the consumer market is not loyal to one brand, one company, or one particular supplier. Offers are becoming more numerous. Businesses find it increasingly difficult to be recognized by their clients. To keep customers loyal to our products and services, we must concentrate on optimizing follow-ups and managing clients. Small and medium-sized businesses can ensure their prosperity by paying attention to these activities. The CRM strategy is optimal to ensuring that outcome. CRM software controls many of an organization’s goals. It brings support in many respects and effectively contributes to maintaining the best customer management.

Customer management is among Jarca’s competencies and software strategies. Beginning with a personalized system for all your processes, CRM manages the entirety of the methods effective in attracting new customers while maintaining a strong relationship with current customers. A CRM that accommodates your specific needs consequently increases the performance and revenue of your small or medium-sized business.

As you are aware, it is essential to constantly consider actions that will transform potential customers into actual customers, whose loyalty you must retain. That is how Jarca solutions can help you. In the first place, complete management of your current customers, performing follow-ups on your processes and sales cycles, contacts of all kinds, communications (calls, emails, faxes), management of reminders and task notifications, sending mass e-mails, etc. The first advantage of a CRM is that it centralizes and automates the management of all these contact tools in one single platform.

To attract new customers, companies can explore, communicate, and create promotional offers. A company’s database of customers and potential customers is often built upon these activities. Yet every contact, customer, or potential customer must feel unique. To achieve that end, a CRM offers customized tracking, including after-sales follow-ups. CRM offers highly-simplified tools for continuity and follow-ups in customer management.

Moreover, the right system brings together research on new customers by maximizing the resources of your other management tools. If you already have a CRM that precisely meets your needs, but which is nevertheless not linked with your other management systems, Jarca has the expertise to carry out this integration: to establish a bridge to all your CRM to communicate with your other management systems. This sharing helps to optimally manage your tasks as well as your global processes!