For a Hassle-Free Agenda!

In every business, time is a precious – but also capricious – commodity, since it often imposes constraints upon us. Even though time management sometimes seems like a tedious task, you must be effectively informed of your “to do” list, your activities and events, deadlines, and the constant flow of reminders and notifications, never forgetting to constantly stay on top of the inevitable updates.

Excel spreadsheets may seem like a handy solution, but when used as shared databases, they can become nightmarish and cause you big headaches.

No More Wasted Time!

With a calendar software supporting your schedules, your agendas, and your calendars, you will be confident and always punctual in managing your busy day!

The Jarca Method

Jarca helps you implement the best solution for your business today and tomorrow.

Features and/or Industries

  • Schedule management
  • Managing calendars, agendas
  • Task management
  • Track events/activities/deadlines
  • Recall management
  • Timesheet management
  • Managing appointments


  • Closely monitor timesheets
  • Balance availability and unavailability
  • Get reminders for appointments or activities
  • Assign events to users


  • Synchronization with Google Calendar and/or Office 365
  • Integration with other features such as managing tasks and projects
  • Ergonomic and efficient

How to efficiently manage your time?

Schedule, agenda, and calendar-management software are part of an overall process to manage employees and automatically direct all pertinent information to the payroll system. Jarca offers a number of services for using a time management module that fits every need, including task scheduling, work schedules, payment for work done, reminders, deadlines, etc. .

Managing your time does not need to be difficult or complicated. With Jarca expertise, you can be constantly up-to-date regarding your workforce, tasks to complete, events, deadlines, various notifications, and your performance indicators … all without having to worry about constantly entering updates manually.

By supporting your business with software tailored to your temporal organizational needs, you will drastically save time and be more productive.

Jarca helps you implement proven solutions that match your budget and allow you to effectively and intelligently manage your activities.