Simplified Management of Your Numbers

Billing, payroll, and accounting are among the recurring tasks from which there is no escape.

Their management often requires training employees so that they master particular administrative competencies.

Be More Profitable with an Integrated Billing Software

Under a centralized system, every transaction is part of an automatic process leaving no room for errors or data duplication.

With software technology customized to address your business needs, managing numbers has never been so simple and easy. You will see how little time is to train your employees; they will be autonomous after a couple of clicks, considering the usability and accessibility of our software!

The Jarca Method

Jarca helps you implement the best solution for your business today and tomorrow.

Features and/or Industries

  • Creating invoices
  • Linking billing and payroll to the accounting system
  • Automatic calculation of employee pay
  • Payment management
  • Expenditure management


  • Avoid data entry errors
  • Limit redundant data entry
  • Manage complex calculations from multiple data sources


  • Easy to use
  • Integration with many accounting systems; Acomba integration, Sage integration, Avantage integration, Dynacom integration, QuickBooks integration, etc.

Optimize your administrative tasks by centralizing or integrating your software requirements

Payroll is an administrative task that requires compliance with various standards. Companies must consider many issues to ensure that their management is carried out reliably and efficiently. The same goes for pay stubs, contributions, the various statements to produce, and, finally, management of wages and pay.

Although Jarca does not design accounting programs, its software solutions help you manage many elements that are part of your accounting.

Indeed, Jarca has expertise in integration expertise. Our experts design – or find existing – software that, through methods of billing or payroll, interact with your accounting system (Acomba, Avantage, Sage, QuickBooks, Accpac, etc.), through integrated processes that will optimize your billing, capable of being sent automatically by email, then organized, and printed. You will be able to perform your related tasks in one quick and easy step!