The Jarca Team

François Eric, President and Founder

Marketing and Sales

Who is Jarca?

The Jarca Mission

Since 2007, Jarca meets the needs of small and medium-sized businesses by developing their software or advising them of the best possible software architectures. Whether for a customized solution, for integration, consultation, and even for a software recommendation, Jarca allows small and medium-sized businesses to optimize all their tasks and operations in order to simplify their daily work. Jarca offers the promise of greater profitability, personalized support, and access to the benefits of the latest technology.

The Jarca Vision

Consistent with its mission to help small and medium-sized businesses in all sectors to grow, Jarca pursues its own growth. Its development services and software recommendations are rooted in a unique method. Jarca’s personalized and supportive approach fulfills the needs of business both today and tomorrow. In addition to ensuring optimum quality and performance, Jarca provides cutting-edge solutions respectful of the vision and evolution of its customers.


Developers and Project managers